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    It is of utmost importance that all companies who offer a service or advice purchase professional indemnity insurance. Through this cover, you can ensure that you are covered for legal liability to a third party should an expensive error occur and a disgruntled client wish to sue, the business and its employees are covered. With a Fintek professional Indemnity cover plan, you have the ultimate peace of mind in knowing that your business is protected.

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    Cover for errors and omissions

    In a fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, you must be covered for expensive errors due to being found liable to a third party because of a professional error or omission. No one intentionally makes these errors, but the consequences can have a serious financial impact on your company! You can transfer your risk through a professional indemnity policy that is relevant to your industry.

    Defamation, Misrepresentation, or misstatement Professional indemnity policies usually include cover for any unintentional defamation committed by you in the provision of your services.

    Employee dishonesty

    No matter how much training and supervision your company supplies, no company is free from the risk of employee dishonesty. Get a professional indemnity policy that covers you for any dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal act or omission committed by an employee.

    FINTEK Personalised Professional Indemnity Cover

    What is typically covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance?

    • Wrongful Act, error or omission.
    • Misstatement, or misleading statement.
    • Breach of confidentiality.
    • Unintentional breach of contract.
    • Defence costs in addition to Policy Limits
    • Fraud and Dishonesty.
    • Infringement of intellectual property rights.
    • Defamation.

    Who is Professional Indemnity Insurance for?

    If your business gives advice, offers a professional service, or handles client data or intellectual property you need professional indemnity insurance. Some professional bodies and regulators may also require that their members hold professional indemnity insurance.

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    Easily submit your claim online and have it processed, saving you both time and money.

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    Cost-effective solutions

    Reduce your expenses by taking advantage of cost-effective solutions with regular reviewing and comparing your portfolio, benefits and rewards available.

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    Fast and efficient claims process

    With Fintek, your claims process becomes a breeze, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business and less time worrying.

    Tailor-made solutions

    With a personalised professional indemnity plan, you can experience personalised advice, giving you the most comprehensive cover you need.

    Ultimate peace-of-mind

    Be confident, knowing that the full force of the most reliable insurers and its legal professionals have got your back, waiting to take care of any allegation made against you or your business.

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