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    Veterinary expenses are flying through the roof with advances in medical treatments and procedures. Treatments have advanced at a rapid rate with more conditions treatable than ever before. However, veterinary expenses continue to go up with these advances and pet insurance is a viable option for responsible pet ownership.

    Fintek offers you trusted financial advice. Whether you’re a professional breeder or simply just want to provide your pet with the best in pet insurance, get in touch with Fintek today to find out how our products can benefit you!

    How Can We Help?

    Single Pet Cover Plans

    Get comprehensive pet insurance with no sub-limits and the freedom to get treatment from any vet. We’ve taken pet insurance back to basics to keep the focus on what matters most – your pets and their wellbeing. Our plans are simple and easy to understand, so you know exactly what you’re getting – and how much it costs.

    Multi-pet Cover Plans

    Pet Insurance can get rather pricey if you have 3 or more pets. We have a family plan available which significantly decreases the premium you pay for your family of pets making sure that you are covered and paying a premium that suits you.

    Mortality Cover

    Mortality cover is a product which is suitable for breeders and owners of high-value breeds. Mortality covers you in the event of the death of your pet which must be a result of accidental injury, illness or disease which occurs in the policy period.

    Breeder Cover Plans

    Most plans may exclude breeding, birthing or pregnancy-related conditions. If you are a breeder, we have an extension on one of our plans that will include cover for C-Sections, Dystocia and Milk Fever.

    The FINTEK Personalised Pet Insurance

    Will I be charged more depending on my breed?

    Currently, the products we offer charge a flat-rate premium. That means, regardless of breed the premium remains the same for all pets on the policy. Pets must join before turning 8 years old to qualify for a full cover for our individual plan and can join any time for our family plan.

    More importantly, something that can change is that there may be terms applied for pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are excluded and therefore joining the policy as soon as possible is essential to get the widest cover.

    When should I take out insurance for my pet?

    The sooner you start the better. You avoid exclusions due to pre-existing conditions and get through waiting periods that may affect your cover should your pet be diagnosed or treated before the policy starts or in a waiting period on the policy.

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    Cost-effective solutions

    Reduce your expenses by cutting out the unnecessary costs, resulting in massive savings.

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    No Breed Exclusions

    We do not discriminate according to your choice of breed. Flat-rated premiums for all breeds of cats and dogs.

    No sub-limits

    With our premium products come premium cover. That means no sub-limit per event, per specific breed, nor per specific conditions that your breed may be prone to. Bills upwards of R20 000 or R30 000 can be covered with our premium insurance plans.

    Accident Cover from Day 1

    You get full accident cover from day 1. This provides cover for non-illness related injuries such as, dog, insect or snake bites, swallowing a foreign object, poisoning, motor accidents and others.

    Upfront underwriting

    We do our best to make sure you get no nasty surprises at the time of a claim. We request the histories from the vets upfront as a value-added service to you.

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