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    Often is the case that surgeons, anaesthetists, neurologists and other specialists frequently charge more than the amount covered by your medical aid. When this occurs, you as the medical aid member become liable to pay for the shortfall. The solution is for the medical aid members to insure themselves against medical expense shortfalls through Gap Cover.

    How Can We Help?

    Comprehensive Gap Cover

    Get comprehensive gap cover to ensure you aren’t left with a hefty statement when your hospital bills finally arrive. Fintek offers the most comprehensive medical expense shortfall cover along with extensive financial protection against a wide range of health risks.

    Essential Gap Cover

    Get a gap cover plan that is specifically tailored to suit your needs. Fintek offers affordable cover for the most frequent medical expense shortfalls, along with additional financial protection for selected health risks.

    FINTEK Personalised Gap Cover

    What are the benefits of Gap Cover?

    • Up to 500% additional cover for the difference between what your service provider charges and your medical scheme pays.Co-payment benefits for upfront payments, deductibles and hospital admissions.
    • Co-payment benefit when you choose an out-of-network hospital may be subject to 1 claim per year.
    • In- and out-of-hospital procedures may be covered.
    • The best gap cover benefits for oncology.
    • Sub-limit benefit when you become liable to pay a portion of your internal prosthesis account.
    • Increased limits for dental-related procedures. Casualty benefit on selected plans for accidental injuries.
    • Fast and simple claim settlement process.

    When does this cover apply?

    For claims incurred in hospital, a day clinic or your doctor’s or specialist’s private room for conditions like colonoscopy, removal of cataracts and certain biopsies, MRI scans, CT scans and PET scans.

    Competitive premiums

    Choose from South Africa’s most rewarding and flexible gap cover plans that suit your budget.

    The power of knowledge

    Gain access to a wealth of knowledge when you partner with a Fintek financial advisor.

    Data-driven financial advice

    We offer you proven, trusted financial advice aimed at improving your financial stability and helping you save.

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    Gap Policy Premium Waiver Benefit (Selected Plans)

    Pays your Gap Cover policy premium for 12 months if the payor is forcibly retrenched, becomes totally and permanently disabled or passes away.

    Trauma Counselling Benefit

    The cost of your trauma counselling consultation fees when you up to R10 000 per policy:

    • have witnessed, or are directly affected by an act of physical violence or an accident;
    • have received word of a loved one’s, or your diagnosis of a dread disease; or
    • mourn the death of a loved one.

    Medical Aid Contribution Waiver Benefit (Selected Plans)

    Pays your medical aid contribution up to the selected monthly limit for 6 months should the payor become totally and permanently disabled or pass away.

    International Travel Insurance (Selected Plans)

    International travel insurance included in selected plans for 1 event per policy per year. Contact a Fintek financial advisor today for more information.

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