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    When it comes to your horses, there are various financial risks you are exposed to as an owner. From medical expenses, death and even public liability. We can provide cover for work, sport and private horses. At Fintek, we believe in a holistic approach to securing your financial future and we have partnered with the best insurers to make sure you have the most comprehensive cover available in the market.

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    Accident and Illness Cover (From R774/pm)

    The most competitive cover with the highest annual limit ensures that you have the best accident and illness cover for all your unexpected veterinary expenses. From colic, laminitis, lameness and abscesses. Get the best health insurance cover for your horses in South Africa.

    Mortality Cover (From R200/pm)

    Mortality cover provides compensation should your horse die due to accidental injury, illness or disease. This will include death during transit by road. Various extensions can be added, and this cover can be catered for your particular need and pocket.

    Loss of Use – Extension

    Get up to 50% of your insured amount should your horse no longer be able to perform the required discipline due to permanent accidental injury to your horse.

    FINTEK Holistic Equine Insurance

    What medical conditions are covered under the health insurance cover?

    Cover for your unexpected veterinary expenses from accidents and illnesses can cover conditions like (not limited to):

    • Colic
    • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
    • Conditions related to limping and lameness
    • Equine arthritis
    • Laminitis
    • Abscesses
    • Tying-up

    What benefits are available under the mortality cover?

    Mortality is the base cover and further extensions can be added at an additional premium. The following extensions are available:

    • Loss of use
    • International travel by air and quarantine
    • Import test
    • Foetus
    • Stallion infertility
    • Frozen semen, embryos and container
    • Emergency veterinary
    • Lifesaving surgery
    • Personal accident – the insured person or regular rider
    • Public liability
    • Riding equipment cover
    • Buggy cover
    • Horsebox cover

    Fast and efficient claims process

    With Fintek, your claims process becomes a breeze, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your assets and less time worrying.

    The power of knowledge

    Gain access to a wealth of knowledge when you partner with a Fintek financial advisor.

    Trusted, independent advice

    As an independent company, we strive to provide you with data-driven, proven financial advice

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    Tailor-made Insurance Plans

    With so many benefits to choose from, our trusted Fintek advisors will tailor an insurance plan that takes into account the cover you need so that your cover works for your specific needs.

    Holistic approach

    Our advice considers that owning a horse is a massive financial responsibility that extends to more than just the horse’s health. We look at the bigger picture before making a recommendation that suits you.

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