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    Not many people are aware of the financial implications of major life-changing events on your finances. Severe illness, disability or death can cause you to lose your ability to support your family with real-time decision making, this is why a solid contingency plan in the form of a life insurance policy is crucial to ensuring your family and beneficiaries are protected.

    How Can We Help?

    Comprehensive Life Insurance Plans

    Life insurance pays your beneficiaries a lump sum after your death to aid in the settlement of outstanding debts and financial responsibilities. We analyse your needs and provide you with Southern Africa’s most rewarding and secure life insurance policies. Enjoy a flexible plan that works for you and the finest financial advice, with Fintek.

    Permanent and Temporary Disability Plans

    Ensure that your loved ones have all the financial help and support in the event of disability whether temporary or permanent. Our experienced financial advisors provide you with a choice of the most competitive disability cover in South Africa.

    FINTEK Personalised Life Insurance

    Why you need a tailor-made Fintek life insurance plan

    We are all different and our needs and aspirations may differ from the person beside us. Why pay for a policy that includes contingencies for events that are guaranteed not to affect you, you could be saving incredible amounts of money by eliminating unnecessary expenses and having a life insurance plan that is fitted to your personal needs, giving you rewards that you want and the peace of mind that comes with knowing YOU are protected.

    What are the benefits of owning a life insurance policy?

    • You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you can still provide for and protect your family and loved ones.
    • Life insurance will pay a lump-sum benefit to help with your financial responsibilities after your death.
    • Payouts are typically tax-free.
    • Enjoy multi-policy discounts for taking out a joint policy with your spouse.
    • Increase or decrease the benefit of the policy in the future.

    Spoiled for choice

    Choose from a wide variety of the most competitive life insurance plans.

    Trusted, independent advice

    As an independent company, we strive to provide you with proven financial advice suited to each individual’s needs.

    Affordable insurance premiums

    We provide you with the most rewarding and effective plans that suit your budget.

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    Education Protection

    Make sure that your children get the best education no matter what happens. Get cover for your children’s education fees if you die, or become ill or disabled through a personalised life insurance plan.

    Cover multiple beneficiaries, including immediate family

    Personalise your life insurance plan to pay-out to the beneficiaries of your choosing, including immediate family members.

    Partners in Advice

    At Fintek, we know that life is always changing and so may your financial insurance needs. We are with you every step of the way to advise and review your cover should changes need to be made.

    Health Protector Benefit

    Not only can you provide a lump sum benefit to your family through life cover but you can also purchase a health protector to pay your family’s medical aid contributions should the worst happen.

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