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Welcome to Fintek. We are a growing family run financial services provider. We have a team dedicated to long term insurance and another team focussed on short-term insurance. We are a registered financial services provider: Grown Financial Solutions CC t/a Fintek: FSP 41097.

Our Mandate

To secure your Financial Future

Our Values

Our Vision

To be Southern Africa’s number one financial service provider, and to aid in sculpting a world that encourages hard work, integrity and positivity and empathy.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our clients with only the most valuable and independent financial advice and to deliver solutions that provide you with true value for money.

Meet The Team


Johan Jankowitz

Long-term Insurance Advisor

Founding member, with more than 15 years’ experience in the field of Estate and Investment Planning, offering a holistic approach to Estate, Financial, and Investment planning, Drafting of practical executable wills, estate management and finalisation.

Key Individual and Intermediary, licenced to provide advice on the following insurance products and services:

Preservation Funds, Offshore Investments, Short Term Insurance, Endowment Policies, Unit Trust Investments, Medical Aid Funds, Retirement Annuity Policies, Linked Investment products, Medical GAP Insurance, Whole life Policies, Disability and Severe Illness cover and income protection plans.

Using the above to secure your financial stability when you least expect it and need it.


Marelise Jankowitz

Short-term Insurance Advisor

A short-term insurance specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Personal and commercial insurance specialist. Incredibly friendly yet firm, assertive and takes no nonsense in getting clients what they’ve paid for.

Shawn Smit

Short-term Insurance Advisor

Short-term insurance, personal and commercial insurance. Pet health insurance specialist. Fulfils a lot of the behind-the-scenes admin and processes. You will receive a lot of your short-term insurance communication from him.

Marizhan Badenhorst

Insurance Assistant

Johan’s right hand. Lots and lots of admin, processing claims, updating client records, filing, completing documents and the list goes on.

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