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No one can surely predict the future. But we can protect it.

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    Whether you’re a steel manufacturer, transport company or a digital media consulting agency, our team of highly-skilled financial advisors and brokers will work hard to put together a tailor-made solution specifically for your business.

    How Can We Help?

    Business Interruption Insurance

    Business interruption covers your standing charges and loss of profit should your business not be able to operate after a valid claim under a property section. Some businesses take time to get up and running again and business interruption could be vital to making sure you get back to full production as soon as possible.

    Office Contents Insurance

    Get a comprehensive insurance plan that covers your office contents, rent, documents and legal liability associated with them, as well as increased cost-of working so that you can keep doing what you do best, your job!

    Public Liability Insurance

    Protect yourself against third-party claims with a policy that covers any responsibility you may have towards third parties as a result of injury or damage caused at or by your business in the course of daily operations.

    FINTEK Personalised Commercial Insurance

    Why insure your business with Fintek?

    • Fintek’s revolutionary cover caters for modern risks and is supported by the shared-value model of insurance.
    • Our approach to risk management is innovative and powered by data-driven technology
    • Our growing partner network enables us to give clients world-class financial advice to improve their business
    • Fast and efficient claims processes

    What are the benefits of commercial insurance?

    • Broad market offering providing cover for most sectors and industries of business
    • Cost-effective commercial insurance that is highly affordable, with competitive and rates, benefits and excesses.
    • Highly personalised and customisable.
    • Our amazing team can provide you and your business with expert advice and excellent support when it comes to your Commercial Insurance needs.

    Tailor-made Insurance Plans

    Ensuring you get an insurance plan that focuses on your specific needs and gives you meaningful indemnification at the time of a claim.

    The power of knowledge

    Gain access to a wealth of knowledge when you partner with a Fintek financial advisor.

    Trusted, independent advice

    As an independent company, we strive to provide you with data-driven, proven financial advice.

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    Fast and efficient claims process

    With Fintek, your claims process becomes a breeze, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business and less time worrying.

    24/7 Support and Emergency Assistance

    Leading service providers provide you with a 24/7 Emergency and Support helpline when you find yourself in an emergency.

    Get Trusted Commercial Insurance That Works For You!

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