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    In the event of a loved one or family member passing away, their estate needs to be processed properly to give your family peace of mind. The administration process ensures all the terms of the deceased’s last will are carried out according to their wishes.

    How Can We Help?

    Estate Planning

    Effective estate planning does not need to be a complicated process, however, it would be best to arrange this as early in one’s life as possible. Enjoy a tax-efficient, professionally managed estate, with Fintek.

    Wills Management

    We will help you draft your will and store it safely, as well as act as executor of your estate and trustee of your trust. Get a professionally drafted will that ensures less complication for your family after your death.

    Trusts and Fiduciary Services

    Trusts offer a simple and effective way of ensuring that your assets are preserved and objectively managed by the right people. Each person’s needs are individual and unique and your trust should be planned to meet your specific requirements.

    FINTEK Personalised Estate, Wills and Trust Management

    What is the benefit of having managed Estates, Wills and Trusts?

    By helping you grow, we grow with you, this is why Fintek focuses heavily on ensuring you save money where you can, increasing the growth of your wealth. When you select to have your estate, will or trust managed by a Fintek advisor you can immediately enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are in good hands.

    Who needs a trust?

    Anyone can benefit greatly from a trust, here are but a few:

    • Minors
    • People unable to take care of their affairs
    • People with indivisible assets
    • Those who want to save on tax expenses
    • People whose assets grow faster than inflation
    • Those with a complex family composition
    • People who want to protect their assets

    Personalised for you

    Estate, wills and trust management plans are tailored and managed in a way that works for you and fit within your specific circumstances.

    Southern Africas Finest Advisors

    Live confidently, knowing you have highly-skilled financial advisors by your side

    Affordable plan management

    We provide you with the most cost-effective plan to compliment your Estate, will and trust management plan.

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    Legacy opportunity

    With a well-managed estate, you get to leave behind a legacy and ensure your family and loved ones are looked after.

    Competitive management plans

    Choose Southern Africa’s most cost-effective estate, wills and trust management plans, choose Fintek!

    Minimise estate duty taxes

    Enjoy massive savings on estate duty taxes with a professional estate administration plan.

    Get a Trusted Estate, Wills and Trust Management Plan That Works For You!

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