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    We provide our clients with comprehensive, tailor-made, independent and objective financial planning solutions by placing their interests above our own and continually striving to exceed their expectations. Enjoy a rewarding, professionally managed investment plan that works for you! Get in touch with Fintek today!

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    Tax-free Savings Accounts

    When you invest or save, you are typically taxed on interest, capital gains and dividends. By investing in a tax-free savings account you pay no tax – boosting your total investment return. You need a minimum of R500 a month, with a limit of R33,000 a year or a lifetime limit of R500,000.

    Education Plans

    The best time to start education planning is as soon as your child is born. That way you have lots of years ahead of you to save money in an education fund. Choose from Southern Africa’s finest and most rewarding education plans, with Fintek.

    Retirement Annuities

    If you want to grow your retirement capital, a retirement annuity is one of the most popular vehicles to choose. Save money monthly or with lump sums to secure your financial future with Fintek.

    FINTEK Personalised Investment Planning

    What are the features and benefits of a Retirement Annuity?

    • Save money as often as you want. You can invest a lump sum, make regular payments every month, make ad hoc payments or opt for all three, with no penalties.
    • Access to a full range of South Africa’s best performing unit trust funds.
    • Tailor your investment portfolio to suit your specific retirement needs.
    • Access portfolio reports online, where you can manage your unit trust investment at any time.
    • Switch between unit trusts to restructure your portfolio as your investor profile changes.
    • Retirement annuity contributions are tax deductible.
    • Any capital appreciation in the value of your units is currently tax-free.

    What is the benefit of having a Fintek personalised investment plan?

    Enjoy professionally managed investment plans with Southern Africa’s finest financial advisors. We craft tailor-made investment plans that fit your budget and provide you with the returns you want!

    Spoiled for choice

    Choose from a wide variety of the most competitive investment plans.

    The power of knowledge

    Gain access to a wealth of knowledge when you partner with a Fintek financial advisor.

    Cost-effective solutions

    Reduce your expenses by cutting out the unnecessary costs, resulting in massive savings.

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    Managed Investment Plans

    We offer professionally managed investment plans that ensure your investments are performing at their best. Experience higher returns and a significant decrease in risk.

    Flexible investments

    Get a personalised investment plan that allows you to increase and decrease your monthly contributions.

    Tax benefits and increased returns

    Enjoy the tax benefits of an investment plan that takes full advantage of all legal tax benefits, aimed at increasing your investment returns.

    Get a Trusted Investment Plan That Works For You!

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