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    Building infrastructure is key to the growth of our economy, however, this can be very risky to undertake. A system of contingencies and action plans is key to ensuring that your project runs smoothly. Experienced in engineering, construction and marine insurance, our expert financial advisors and brokers provide you with the insight and support to address and eliminate the risks associated with your industry.

    How Can We Help?

    Engineering Insurance

    Whether you’re a structural, civil, environmental or electrical engineer, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. With a comprehensive, tailor-made engineering insurance plan, you are protected against loss of office, plant or engineering equipment, public liability, loss or damage of stock, vehicle loss or damage and the legal expenses in the event of a court case or legal fees.

    Construction Insurance

    Choose from a wide range of policies that suit your needs and are flexible enough to grow with your company. Contractors are protected with cover for plant all risk, business interruption, public liability, latent defects, loss or damage of equipment and much more. Get the best, get it all, with Fintek.

    Marine Insurance

    Protect yourself and your business against goods in transit risk, import and export risk, container damage or loss, pollution and environmental disputes with a comprehensive Marine insurance plan.

    FINTEK Personalised Construction, Engineering and Marine Insurance

    What does Marine Insurance NOT cover?

    • Loss, damage or expense resulting from deliberate damage or willful misconduct.
    • Leakage and water damage of the insured goods
    • Loss caused by delay
    • Unseaworthiness of a vessel or craft
    • Insufficiency or unsuitability of the packing by the supplier

    What is the benefit of choosing Fintek as my Insurance provider?

    For countless South African citizens, Fintek is the financial advisory of choice. With our collective knowledge, we can provide you with cost-effective, valuable and future-proof independent financial advice. Empowering you to make the best decisions for your business with ease.

    Trusted and reliable cover

    Choose from South Africa’s most reliable and trusted insurers.

    Fast and Simple Claims Submission

    Easily submit your claim online and have it processed, saving you both time and money.

    Fully regulated and compliant

    Fintek is a registered FSP, regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority and fully compliant with its laws.

    Why FINTEK is the SMART Choice

    Competitive premiums

    Fintek provides you with only the most competitive, affordable and valuable insurance policies. We ensure we recommend the cover you need to mitigate the risks facing your particular business.

    Fast and efficient claims process

    With Fintek, your claims process becomes a breeze, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business and less time worrying.

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